Rheault Legacy Bison​

A multi-generational bison ranching operation raising top quality animals & delivering only the best quality Bison products that are antibiotic and growth hormone free. Take a look


Our Farm

A company built on the love of family and these majestic animals.



High in Iron, fewer calories and lower fat intake.

How does Bison nutritionally compare to other cooked lean meats?


What's for Dinner?

We’re currently cooking up some recipes and will be sharing them soon!

What's For Dinner?

We’re currently cooking up some recipes and will be sharing them soon!

Meet the Team

It takes a family to run a Bison Farm. Meet the whole team.


Andre Rheault

CEO & Founding Partner



Roger Rheault

VP of Operations



Claudette Pshebniski

Executive Partner & VP of Program Development and Innovation



No matter what your preferences are, we’ve got you covered. See the wide variety of products available, conveniently and beautifully packaged for optimum storage and use.

Ground Bison

No need to settle for plain ol’ burgers anymore. Anyone can “get gourmet” by upping the ante and simply using our ground bison to make a juicy, high protein, low cholesterol bison burger.

Ribeye Steak

Considered one of the most flavourful steaks, a bison ribeye is sure to please. The marbling in this steak makes it juicy, tender and will leave you wanting to eat this particular cut over and over again!

Fully Cooked Ready to Eat Sausage

Simply slice up, pair with some cheese and crackers and voila – your snack is served!