Concerned about bison being difficult to cook? No worries, we have you covered with some of these general guidelines. It really is as simple as these basic steps to create wonderful meals, that are high in nutrition value and have great taste!

Most important tips to remember

1 – Cook it slowly at low temperatures.

2 – Don’t cook your meat past medium. Bison just doesn’t like being well done.


Tips for some of the main cuts of bison

Once you’ve tried them, we know you will be hooked for good!


Grilling – Place the steak on a pre-heated grill, and grill on medium high heat, approximately 3-4 min per side for a medium to medium rare steak… delicious!

Stove Top – Place the steak in a lightly oiled skillet (cast iron works great) and use medium heat to cook. Stove top, is a great winter alternative to outdoor grilling.

If you are using a tougher cut of steak like sirloin or round steak, marinate before hand anywhere from 8-24 hours for optimum tenderness and taste.


For a great taste experience, season your thawed roast, and then sear the outside in a hot pan with a bit of oil on your stove, then place in roaster, add ¼ cup liquid (water or even some red wine) and roast at 325oF until it reaches 63oC (145oF).

Alternatively, feel free to put that roast in your slow cooker, season, add ¼ cup liquid, and cook for 6-8 hours.


We recommend always cooking to well done, with an internal temperature of 71oC (160oF), or until no pink remains.